Lower Mustang

Lower Mustang Valley has recently emerged as one of the best mountain biking destination on earth. No other places in the world has such an amazing, speechless and jaw dropping views of the 8000ers Himalayas and the best single track that Nepalese Himalayas has to offer.

We will take you through lush sub tropical foot hills to the Himalayan high desert up to 4000 meters high. Each and every moment will be amazement to you on a saddle. You will be wondering and asking yourself where I am now? With a great amazement! Some parts of the trip is a truly heaven, the views we will experience like on a post card but real just in front! You will ride through…. In the Lower Mustang Valley you will experience some of the most mind-blowing views of Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri Himalayas along with snow capped other peaks thrilling single-track ride through Himalayan dessert, alpine and colourful villages that will leave you a impression of ‘once in a life time experience’ and being proud of yourself that you have ridden in the world famous trails where the movie called ‘Where the trails ends’ was filmed.

Taking a dramatic flight or deadly Jeep drive to Jomsom is one of the best and adventurous Uplift of any Mountain bike ride in the world. You will be delivered straight up into the high Mountain at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Then our expertise and local knowledge of the region alongside our love of the trails and experience of what makes a great bike ride to deliver an exclusive version of this classic trails down the Lower Mustang Valley that not only shows off the culture and the landscape but also some of the best single-track Nepal has to offer! As mountain bikers we are out to have fun and we understand the importance of not just following the simplest route so we will put in the extra effort to seek out the best trails that we know will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

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Lower Mustang Tour

Lower Mustang Valley has recently emerged as one of the best...
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9 days (4 days biking)
Mar – April, Oct – Nov