Best time to Visit Nepal month by month

Nepal can be visited any time of year – No doubt about that. Nepal has variety of weather depending when and where you go, and what do you plan to do. Broadly speaking, it has four main seasons i.e winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Nepal’s weather is extremely variable depending upon the altitude and topography. Terai normally have tropical temperatures and also the mosquitoes. The Himalayas can get to sub-zero temperatures, but the sun blaze can bring some warmth during the day. The temperature of Kathmandu goes below 1 Degree Celsius in winter and rises to an average of 25 Degree Celsius in summer. Most people who love trekking come to Nepal either in spring or autumn as the weather is clear and dry and is neither too cold in the high country nor too hot in the Terai where safari lovers love see array of wildlife.

The below are best times for activities in Nepal:

Trekking – Spring and autumn.  However, Mustang and Dolpa can be trekked during monsoon as they receive very little rainfall.

Cultural visits – winter, spring and autumn

Adventure tours – spring and autumn

Wildlife safari – late winter, spring and autumn

Everest Base Camp Trek

 Climatic seasons of Nepal:

(December to February)

Winter is mostly clear and stable and is pleasant during the day but temperatures do drop considerably at night time. Fewer visitors visit during this time but hotels and lodges offer fireplaces and hot water to accommodate you.  In some trekking routes, due to cold, some teahouses are shut. This is an excellent time to visit the Terai’s National park as other time it is very hot.  And obviously, if you can withstand cold, you can still trek in the Himalayas; absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Spring (March to May)

Spring is the best tourists season other being autumn, with its warmer weather and longer days and all three colours of Rhododendrons blossom in the hills. And as the Terai’s long grasses have been cut, spring is the best time to visit for viewing wildlife.  May is one of the warmest months of the year but will bring cloud and showers before the monsoon kicks in.

Greater One Horned Rhino at Bardia National Park

Summer – monsoon (June to August)

Monsoon typically starts in mid-June.  Days are warm, wet and with high humidity. Rains often occur at night, resulting in beautiful sunrise scenery. City sightseeing is still possible and quieter than peak periods. The rain spreads the pleasantness around with lush green vegetation, flowers blooming, fresh fruit and vegetables are particularly abundant. But there certain drawbacks like mountain views are rare, roads and paths may be blocked by natural disasters like landslides, and flights may be cancelled.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn is the best time to visit Nepal mainly for trekkers. Autumn brings clear skies, fresh air and incredible views. October and November are two of the best months to visit as dry days make trekking easier and offer good visibility of the Himalayas. The green landscapes following the rains are ideal for photographers.  Two major festivals, Dashain and Tihar fall in October. During this time, Nepalese people often go back home. So, the trekking trail could be crowded.

Annapurna Circuit Trek during autumn

Our take – Plan early, decide what you want to do and when, visit happily.

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